H1 Law Group Welcomes Elias George

Elias is an experienced litigator who cares – about his clients and community.  When other lawyers emphasize bull-headed tactics or scorched-earth campaigns, Elias’ reputation as a thoughtful and effective litigator derives from his success in seemingly unresolvable cases. Whether a civil rights case alleging sexual misconduct, or claims for fraud alleging a government-wide conspiracy, Elias decisively litigates claims without drawing unnecessary attention. As a former deputy city attorney for the city of Las Vegas, he managed many of the city’s complex and high-profile suits for over 5 years, where his unique approach achieved creative outcomes despite the challenging and politically-charged environment. For those complex matters that require out-of-the-box strategies and sound judgment, Elias shines. His extensive courtroom experience in corporate governance, intellectual property, civil rights, and business litigation matters in State and Federal Courts is well established.

Portrait of Elias George

Developing the new crop of lawyers into empathetic and ethically-driven practitioners is a passion of Elias. Since 2017, he has been an adjunct professor at the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law where he works with students transitioning into the practice of law. In addition to developing legal acumen, Elias’ courses are unabashedly progressive – they challenge students to think, not as lawyers, but as business counselors, and to be driven by client goals rather than “winning at all costs.”

Elias is proud to be a first generation American with parents who immigrated from Greece. He is also a first generation college graduate. He is a world traveler and gastronome. His eating adventures have led him to try a 240-day dry aged steak that tasted like blue cheese and the most dangerous cheese in the world, Casu Marzu—he loved both! His travels have included a trip to Cuba on a religious visa before America open its doors to Cuba; a wine tour of the island of Sardegna, Italy, and the island of Santorini, Greece; and a pilgrimage to the Greek Island of Tinos, home to an important Marian shrine amongst Christians.