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Practice Area:

Employment Law

Helping employers and employees to thrive in equitable environments
No other firm in Nevada has the pedigree and experience providing counsel to both employers and employees on all aspects of employment regulation, employment law, and employment disputes.

Equitable Employment Practices

Industry Thrives in Diversity and Equality

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The field of employment law strikes to Hone Law’s core mission and values. We believe diverse, equitable, and fair workplaces are stronger, more profitable, and more creative. We live by these truths at our own law firm, where diversity and fair employment practices are not a box we check, but conditions that make us more powerful. Because our commitment is so strong in our own practice, we are zealous about advising and advocating for both employers and employees to make Nevada workplaces more profitable, collaborative, innovative, and fair for everyone.

Employment Law Compliance Advising

Guiding Employers & Employees on Best Practices to Protect Business & Livelihoods

We routinely help corporate clients and employees navigate these challenges and understand the law.

The employer-employee relationship is subject to a complex set of state and federal compliance and regulatory requirements. With our sophisticated employment law team, we routinely help corporate clients and employees navigate these challenges and understand the law. From advising businesses to develop and implement preventive employee relations programs to corporate governance counseling and internal investigations, Hone Law has the experience and legal acumen to assist clients proactively design and maintain employment practices that not only comply with the law but build their business on profitable, creative foundations of fairness and equity.

We can provide guidance during the recruitment and selection process, onboarding and training, development and advancement stages, and during compensation and exit processes. By steering you away from protracted litigation and helping you to manage your business or your livelihood with minimal disruption, Hone Law successfully manages risks through effective workplace strategies.

Employer Defense Litigation

Protecting Your Business on All Aspects of Employee & Employment Law

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When litigation cannot be avoided, employers need a legal team with strong employment law expertise and wise perspective to protect their rights and minimize risk. At Hone Law, our business litigators represent a rare combination of these skills: we effectively defend your interests before a judge, regulatory compliance board, or arbitrator, and we specialize in relating to jurors.

Most employment defense firms focus on the structure of the law and technical compliance; this leads to myopic and ineffective representation. At Hone law, we design defense strategies that address the complexity of the law, the commercial and practical realities of your business, and the human elements that cannot be ignored when litigating emotionally fraught claims that arise in the employment context. With our unique organizational structure, we draw from a variety of skills that our peers simply cannot match.

Our results speak for themselves. If your organization requires creative yet cost-effective legal strategies to manage your employment matters all while achieving impressive results, then Hone Law is perfect for you.

Employee Plaintiff Litigation

Safeguarding Your Livelihood in Moments of Distress

Entering a lawsuit against your current or former employer is a stressful and anxious time for any employee.

Entering a lawsuit against your current or former employer is a stressful and anxious time for any employee; you should not allow it to continue or face it alone. If you are experiencing discrimination, harassment, a hostile work environment, unfair compensation or advancement practices, retaliation, if you believe you were wrongfully discharged, or if you have experienced or are currently experiencing any other unlawful employment practice, it is essential you retain an experienced labor and employment law firm to help you address this injustice.

Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience fighting for the rights of employees. Lead by a team of former BigLaw employment defense firm attorneys, our plaintiff employment team has the experience to navigate even the most complex employment-related claims. Our employment law attorneys are well-versed in the relevant federal and state statutes that protect Nevada employees, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Nevada Fair Employment Practices Act. We aggressively litigate against employers who have violated employee rights and we guide our employee-clients through the challenges of preserving their reputation, livelihood, and peace of mind as they go through the process. Let us help you clarify your rights and to protect you from workplace misconduct.