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Cannabis Advocacy

Guiding Our Clients Through an Innovative & Growing Industry
The Cannabis industry is one of the hottest new areas of innovation and industry in Nevada. Our clients face new regulations and application of law to situations never tested before. This intersection of law, opportunity, and innovation is where Hone Law is most powerful.

Administrative & Regulatory Advocacy

Sharpen Your Compliance in a Swiftly Changing Industry

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A new industry is one of the most exciting areas to build a business. However, the Cannabis trade is highly regulated, with significant complexity between applicable state and federal law. Our clients trust Hone Law to alert them to changing regulations, guide them through areas of law that are not fully fleshed out, and to help them make decisions that maintain profitability and protect investments.

From the earliest stages of legalization, our team members were at the forefront of analyzing Nevada Revised Statutes on the Regulation and Taxation of Cannabis set forth in Title 56 of Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 678 and 453D. We advocate on our clients’ behalf before the Cannabis Compliance Board if necessary and can advise clients on business related issues that arise relative to changes in Nevada’s Cannabis law.

Cannabis Technology & Agriscience

Custom Tailored Advice for Businesses Serving Cannabis Companies

The Cannabis industry intersects with other areas of business to create unparalleled new opportunities.

The Cannabis industry intersects with other areas of business to create unparalleled new opportunities. At Hone Law, we have clients in the technology and agriscience industries seeking to offer services to cannabis related companies, but hesitant to capitalize on that area without trustworthy guidance.

At Hone Law, advice grounded in a thorough understanding of Nevada’s new cannabis regulation and the status of federal law can empower businesses in technology, agriscience, and manufacturing to expand their services to include the growing Cannabis industry. If you are a business looking to provide services to Nevada’s cannabis companies, we can advise you on the impacts cannabis related regulations may have on your business.

Cannabis Litigation

Nimble Lawyers to Handle Disputes in a Growing Industry

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Litigation is usually a necessary evil, but sometimes it is a tool and a strategy. At Hone Law, we understand all forms. Operating business in a new industry is one of the most competitive areas to innovate, grow, and establish a firm footing.

Whether you need to defend intellectual property, establish your company as a firm not to trifle with, or defend from the advances of another adversary bent on interrupting your business model, Hone Law is ready to advocate on your behalf. Leverage our knowledge of Cannabis regulation, depth of experience winning trials in all levels court, and our creative, aggressive litigation team to build and protect your business strategies.