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We are dead serious about capitalizing on the force of clear-minds and diversity of perspective. This cannot be done if we accommodate and reward only one working style: full time, onsite, and internally competitive for billable hours. We designed Hone Law to attract successful legal experts who find BigLaw unsuited to maximizing their best qualities as legal advocates and as humans. If this is you, consider applying.

Collaborate Internally, Compete Against Real Adversaries

The traditional partner/associate hierarchy fails to incentivize effective, pro-client behaviors. BigLaw heedlessly rewards seniority, hours billed, competitive ladder-climbing, and a dead-sprint to burnout. At Hone Law, leadership and tasks are assigned to the most capable professional. We reward competence and contribution through a range of workstyles and schedules. As a result, when our legal professionals turn to their work, they are laser-focused on what matters: the client’s outcome.

Clear-Thinking Lawyers Win More Cases


At Hone Law, “diversity” is not a box we hope to check, it is imperative to our success. We recruit legal professionals with unique personal histories, specialized legal competence, and varied cultural backgrounds. We structure our business model to accommodate and encourage the well-rounded lives our team members lead.


Countless studies demonstrate that sleep, exercise, diet, time with loved ones, time in nature, personal goals, and connections to our community strengthen our minds and bolster creativity, motivation, and focus. Studies further show the significant detriment to work-product, productivity, and effectiveness of professionals that regularly stretch their working hours beyond healthy limits. At Hone Law, we encourage legal professionals to keep schedules that maximize their focus, strategic creativity, and attention to detail..

Collaborative Litigation

Every professional who touches a client’s case should be highly skilled at the tasks they commit to complete. No one is an expert in all things, and so we collaborate. With precision. Team members take on leadership roles and tasks based on their choice of focus and their particularized skillset. Together, we bring uncommon results.

The Hone Law team exit Las Vegas City Hall walking dramatically

Open Positions

We provide exceptional opportunities for skilled litigation and trial attorneys, legal professionals, and litigation support team members. Our mission is to encourage our team members to lead healthier, more productive careers. This is the landing spot for highly skilled, talented litigators that want to better integrate their work with their lives while pursuing interesting, challenging litigation, and providing exceptional service to their clients.


Complex Commercial Litigation Attorney

Focus: Case Investigation

$60 to $75 per hour Flexible Remote/Hybrid Position
(5-years experience minimum)

Hone Law is looking for a commercial litigation attorney to join our passionate team, to help us expand our unique model, and to represent our clients with exceptional legal skill. You will fit well with our team if you are self-motivated, hardworking, place value on initiative and high-quality work. Ideal candidates are detail oriented, seek to innovate and improve processes, and collaborate well with others. We are looking for individuals who embrace technology as we are paperless and future focused. We offer flexible, remote working arrangements. We intend to keep a hybrid working model throughout the pandemic and beyond.

The ideal candidate will contribute to a team-driven complex commercial litigation strategy. This candidate should enjoy the hunt for “the smoking gun” and possess superior objective legal writing skills. This attorney will be responsible for analyzing how a given item of evidence or legal authority might be used at trial or in pre-trial discovery and motion practices. They will conduct issue-based legal research and thoughtful evidence review including document analysis with substantive issue tagging and attorney annotation, discovery response assessment and tagging, and deposition testimony analysis. This attorney must be proficient at preparing clear and objective legal memorandums and reports, that explains the impact evidence and legal authority has on the case, team wide. The candidate will not be expected to negotiate with opposing counsels, maintain client contact, argue at hearings, or take depositions while slotted in this role.