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Practice Area:

Construction & Real Estate Disputes

Protecting Your Investments in Commercial Real Estate Projects & Assets

Managing interests in commercial real-estate projects requires parties to comply with complex contracts, land use requirements, restrictive covenants, statutory and administrative regulations applying to landowners, landlords, tenants, contractors, mechanics lien holders, commercial lenders and others. We assist clients in navigating these areas with focus, precision, and profitability in mind.

Construction Disputes

Giving You the Edge in Construction Litigation

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Construction projects are quick to accumulate numerous contracts, multiple interested parties, and a web of conflict points. With so many moving parts, the risk of a dispute arising is high, and litigation is a distraction that derails the timely and profitable completion of a construction project.

At Hone Law, we can guide you in minimizing litigation risk surrounding the complexities of construction funding, bidding, materials and subcontractor acquisition, building regulation, and mechanics and lender’s lien statutes. Our team has combined experience representing project owners, construction lenders, contractors, and sub-contractors in pre-litigation risk management, high-stakes litigation, and dispute resolution. When a lawsuit arises, we know where to focus first to best push your case toward a successful outcome.

Landlord-Tenant Advocacy

Protecting the Condition and Profitability of Your Real-Estate Assets

Our team of litigators routinely assist commercial landlords and tenants to manage disputes.

Nothing cuts into a landlord or tenant’s profitability more quickly than a dispute over a leasehold interest. Our team of litigators routinely assist commercial landlords and tenants to manage disputes that arise over lease provisions, commercial build-outs, lender and mechanics liens, and property use restrictions. We have the expertise necessary to conduct swift and effective eviction procedures if necessary, or negotiate lease amendments or assignments to settle and resolve disputes.

Commercial Lending & Creditors’ Rights

Guiding Lenders or Landowners in Commercial Loan Disputes

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Nevada has unique foreclosure and deficiency judgment statutes for both residential and commercial real-estate. Our team spent the 2009 economic downturn fighting on behalf of both commercial lenders and commercial landowners to minimize the destruction caused by plummeting property values.

We have more than a decade of experience conducting commercial foreclosures, deficiency litigation, creditors’ rights advocacy in bankruptcy and adversary proceedings, and negotiating workout solutions.

Members of our team were at the front lines of Nevada Supreme Court appellate advocacy regarding the impact of common interest community regulations and liens on commercial lenders’ and property owners’ interests as those areas of law developed and changed through a unique time in real estate history. Then, as now, our team members were nimble on their feet, advising clients in swiftly changing times to protect their rights and advocating aggressively for fair interpretation of new and changing law.

We can clarify your rights and litigate disputes surrounding Loan Agreements, Personal Guarantees, Deeds of Trust, Common Interest Community Liens, and UCC-1 Security Agreements.

Land Use & Restrictive Covenant Advocacy

Maximize the Beneficial Use of Your Real Estate Interests

When your business relies upon the ability to use property in a specific way, let us help you clear those obstacles.

Restrictive covenants can apply to landowners and users in ways that impact their business and/or property’s profitability. We have extensive experience analyzing restrictive covenants in land-use regulations, lease terms, commercial loan terms, commercial common interest community association, and other sources. We can help you understand the limitations on use for a property in which you hold an interest, advocate to change those limitations if possible, and litigate or negotiate resolutions over disputes arising from an alleged breach of a land use restriction. When your business relies upon the ability to use property in a specific way, let us help you clear those obstacles.