Hone Law attorneys discuss pending business litigation around a small table

Practice Area:

Business Disputes

Sharp & Refined Representation

At Hone Law, we are expert advocates and trusted advisors focused on solving your most complex business disputes. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ objectives. We leverage our team’s multi-point legal expertise and real-world experience to consider all possible angles and custom tailor dispute management, litigation, and resolution strategies.

Areas of Expertise

Solving Your Most Complex Disputes

We are better than anyone at learning the issues that surround your business…

Litigation is never won with a one-size fits all strategy. Our expertise lies, not only in specific areas of law, but in the process of solving our clients’ most unique and complex problems. We are better than anyone at learning the issues that surround your business and your dispute, advising on the legal nuances that impact your situation, and custom tailoring strategies that address our client’s economic, market, and legal concerns. With our team’s focus on process over rote practice, we’ve built an expertise in a wide area of business industries, including: 

  • Cannabis Industry
  • Labor and Employment (Employer and Employee)
  • Commercial Real Estate & Construction
  • Commercial Landlord/Tenant
  • Commercial Real Property Association
  • Land Use and Restrictive Covenants
  • Banking, Commercial Lending, & Creditor’s Rights
  • Franchisee/Franchisor Relationships
  • Corporate, LLC, Investor, Shareholder, and Management Disputes
  • Business torts, including allegations of fraud and professional misconduct
  • Insurance Services Litigation
  • Business Brokerage and Asset Transaction Litigation
  • Health Care Industry and Insurances
  • Service Contract Disputes
  • Product Development, Manufacturing, Shipping & Transportation
  • Product and Device Defect Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition, and Non-Compete Litigation

Complex Business Litigation

Aggressive, Strategic, Winning Litigation and Trial Advocacy

Overhead shot of two Hone Law attorneys working at a small table on complex business litigation

When you must fight for your interests, Hone Law does this better than anyone else. It starts with our laser-sharp focus on your priorities. It continues with our commitment to leveraging multi-point legal expertise and real-world experience our team has been hand-picked to achieve.

When litigation hits, we know our only job is to advocate your most persuasive position. Persuasion is as much an art as it is a science. To win, we must connect our clients’ objectives to the priorities held by a judge, arbitrator, administrative regulatory body, or juror. Using our team’s diverse perspectives, we consider all the angles these factfinders might find persuasive, and we hone our clients’ case until the legal framework, client objectives, and most persuasive power-positions are at the forefront of our strategy.

Using our unique method, we regularly win cases in all forums of dispute, including: State and Federal District Court, Nevada Appellate Court, Nevada Supreme Court, Federal Bankruptcy Adversary Proceedings, Arbitration, and Regulatory Administrative Panels.

Dispute Resolution

We Target Litigation Pressure Points for Quick Resolution

We analyze our clients’ cases… to identify the strategy most likely to serve their highest priorities.

Sometimes, the wise course of action is to press a dispute toward resolution by negotiation. At Hone Law, we know that developing the right pressure points in litigation will make settlement a more viable prospect.

Early in every lawsuit, we analyze our clients’ cases from multiple angles to identify the strategy most likely to serve their highest priorities; this often includes analysis on how to reach an early and fair settlement. When scorched earth litigation is not the goal, we use targeted litigation tactics to provide you with the most direct route possible to a fair settlement. We also consider a wide range of settlement tools that can help narrow the scope of the litigation and put a bracket around your range of potential risk. Our attorneys regularly resolve matters outside of litigation using: direct negotiations with opposing counsel, third party neutral mediation, binding or non-binding arbitration, structured settlements with framed damage ranges, private jury selection and limited issue presentation.

Pre-Litigation Risk Management

Practical, Trusted Advice to Minimize the Distraction of Litigation

Close-up on a client's hands as he discusses pre-litigation risk management

Our attorneys are practical. At Hone Law, we like to leverage our experience to prevent litigation for our clients whenever possible.

We consult with our clients, general counsel, transactional counsel, accountants and other professionals to sharpen our client’s regulatory compliance, improve operational procedures, and negotiate before a dispute arises. We assist clients with pre-litigation investigations, and we advise clients on ways to position themselves on the strongest footing possible in case a dispute arises in the future. We consult to make your business better and stronger, to minimize the toll of expense and distraction disputes create.