What Business Owners Need to Know About Commercial Lease Disputes in Nevada

In business, location matters. For many companies, their commercial rent is one of their largest overhead expenses. If your Nevada business is involved in a dispute over your commercial lease, it is imperative that you understand your rights and responsibilities. In this article, our Clark County business litigation attorney explains what business owners need to know about commercial lease disputes in Nevada. 

Commercial Lease Disputes Can Arise for Many Reasons

A business could end up in a conflict with a commercial landlord for a wide range of different reasons. Some of the most common causes of commercial lease disputes in Nevada include: 

  • Alleged delinquent rent payments; 
  • Structure of rent payments; 
  • Attempted eviction by the commercial landlord; 
  • Disagreements over property upkeep; 
  • Disagreement over common area use; 
  • Common area maintenance charges; 
  • Property repairs; 
  • Interruption of utility service; 
  • Restrictions on property use; 
  • Early termination; and 
  • Renewal rights. 

As a business owner, you cannot and should not rely on the protections provided to residential tenants.

Most of Nevada’s Landlord-Tenant Laws Do Not Apply to Commercial Lease

Similar to other jurisdictions, Nevada has well-developed landlord-tenant laws in place for residential leases (Nevada Residential Landlord and Tenant Act). However, these laws generally do not apply to commercial leases. As a business owner, you cannot and should not rely on the protections provided to residential tenants. 

Rights and Duties of Commercial Tenants Arise from the Lease Agreement 

In Nevada, the rights and responsibilities of a commercial tenant—and a commercial landlord—arise primarily from the lease agreement. Businesses should always have a professionally drafted lease agreement in place. With limited exceptions, courts will hold the parties to the bargained-for terms of a commercial lease agreement. 

Business owners should always have a copy of their commercial lease on hand. If you are involved in a dispute over any particular matter, your rights and your options for resolving that dispute will depend largely on what is written in the commercial lease. If you are unsure of the implications of certain terms, you should consult with an experienced Nevada business litigation attorney. 

Take Proactive Steps to Protect the Rights of Your Business

Nevada business owners need a well-structured, professionally drafted commercial lease in place. If a dispute does arise, you will want to know that you understand and can rely on the terms of your lease agreement. Beyond that, it is essential that business owners take a proactive approach to any disputes (or potential disputes) with their commercial landlord. Early intervention will increase the chances of a favorable outcome—whether that means coming to a settlement agreement through business mediation or preparing for commercial litigation. 

Get Help From a Nevada Commercial Litigation Attorney Today

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