H1 Law Group Welcomes Leslie Godfrey to the Firm

Portrait of attorney, Leslie Godfrey

H1 Law Group is excited to introduce our teammate and colleague—Leslie Godfrey. Leslie is a seasoned commercial and business litigator who, prior to joining the firm, was a BigLaw partner. With fifteen years of experience representing some of the Nevada’s largest and most sophisticated businesses and organizations, Leslie is a master strategist. From counseling large lending institutions to individuals and entities embroiled in shareholder and business restructuring disputes, she develops unique strategies to steer clients toward favorable outcomes. Juggling the complexity of many moving pieces, vivid storytelling and concise strategy is her paradigm.

Her strength as a legal professional is matched by her zeal for adventure. Having crossed the South Pacific and Indian Oceans as a member of a two-person crew aboard her own 40-foot sailboat, Leslie is a well-accomplished seafarer. Whether sailing up a river in Borneo to visit wild orangutans, standing with her toes on the edge of an active volcano in Vanuatu, or advising clients on their next best move, her ability to navigate risk and achieve focused objectives is nothing short of impressive. Together with her all-around kind and compassionate character, she is a wonderful person. You may follow her adventures at oddgodfrey.com/oddlog.