H1 Law Group Welcomes Jill Garcia to the Firm

Portrait of Jill Garcia

H1 Law Group is pleased to introduce attorney Jill Garcia. Jill is a seasoned commercial litigator and employment lawyer. The depth of Jill’s experiences allows her to provide big picture advice in all areas related to litigation, oftentimes identifying issues well before the client even knows there’s a problem. Jill’s professional philosophy allows her to help clients control costs, avoid expensive disputes when possible and efficiently resolve issues when they unfortunately arise. Jill has broad experience providing in-depth counsel in the areas of equal opportunity, discrimination, wrongful discharge, non-competition and trade secrets and wage and hour litigation.

Growing up in a small town in New Hampshire, Jill wanted to escape the snow and move to California. She almost made it, making what she believed to be a temporary stop in Las Vegas. After graduating from law school in Boston, where her classmates assumed she must be a mob lawyer, Jill returned to Nevada and began her career as a commercial litigation attorney.

Outside of the office, Jill enjoys hiking, attending yoga retreats and painting.